Songwriting Made Simple: Ask as a Child

a-childs-prayer copy.jpg

During the last few weeks, my co-writer and I have been working on a children’s song. We have re-written the same chorus lyrics at least a half dozen times! We had hoped to be finished by now, but we were blocked.

Then, I went to my childhood journals and found the simple phrases needed to complete the chorus. Since most of my childhood (my school years) was spent in an abusive foster home, I would stay quiet by writing to Jesus in my journals. Here are examples of what I wrote to Jesus:

  • Help my heart fly like a butterfly.
  • Please bring Joy To my World everyday!
  • Bring Peace on Earth…my home is on the earth…so bring peace to my home.
  • I like being one of the children in of the world.
  • You love me; help me love others.
  • You make all my days special.
  • Thank you for making each day just for me.
  • You are my Momma kisses and Daddy smiles.
  • I love to play with friends.  Please find me some.
  • Please know my name.
  • Let me touch your smile.
  • I am sad.  Help me smile.
  • Help me to be good not bad.
  • Help my home be happy.
  • Let me hold your hand.
  • Make me safe.  I always feel lost.
  • Help me sleep.  I hate the dark.
  • Help me know some songs.

Those prayers were spoken to Jesus when I was a child, and I still say them now—‘cause I’m still His child!

What about you?  Where to you go to find simple phrases for your lyrics?  What simple, childhood prayers do you still say now?