Songwriting: Humbled by Gratitude?


Eight years ago I had to hang-up my ballroom dancing shoes due to my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Yet, I was so excited to be invited to a local ballroom dancing class just for “beginners—again”. In spite of my remaining physical weakness, from MS fatigue, I remain determined to reclaim my life! The idea of reclaiming my life seems like such a noble goal. But there are those times when I feel more like an awkward newborn calf trying to take its first steps — and ballroom dancing would be no exception!

As I tried to mimic the steps of the patient dance teacher, I felt as though I had grown several extra pairs of left feet! With each dance-step, I started to feel more like an insect than a human being. When the lady next to me commented that she felt like she was dancing with two left feet, I exclaimed, “Be thankful for just two, I am sure I have at least six!”

My pride was melting into tears, when God reminded me of the days I spent in a wheelchair just a year before. He reminded of the times I sat and begged for a chance to walk again. My heart sank from my shame; I was humbled by gratitude. Not only had God answered my cries to walk again, He was now allowing me to dance not with precision, but with gratitude!


Often when I face the empty page of a new song, I feel again like that night on the dance floor. Each new hook shows promise, but a new song needs me to put more on the page than just a hook; I need to write a full lyric. At that moment of writer’s fear of the blank page (AKA writer’s block), my pride must again be melted. When I remember that my talents are God’s performing through me and not my own talents alone, I am humbled by gratitude for His working through me. He knows how each song will be used and only He can form my clumsy words into a song that can bless another’s life.  When someone writes me with a story of how my lyrics have touched their lives, I am again humbled by gratitude! I know then that my songs are not mine. They belong to Him. For He is the Holy Author of every Song!

Have you had times that gratitude transformed your work as songwriters? Tell me about times when you were “Humbled By Gratitude.” Please write me and share your stories! Tell me about it.

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