Pain Beyond Your Prayers



Being a military wife for over 20 years, I have seen the grief of families waiting for their fallen soldier’s body to arrive at Andrew Air Force Base, Maryland. But the saddest faces were those of the lonely mother! I grieved for one mother I saw standing alone with her soaked handkerchief covering her mouth. Between her sobs, she related to me the story of her only, red-haired boy named Jake. She said to me, “I prayed for him every day of his life, especially during the war. But now my pain is way beyond how I know to pray!”

In such moments, we are broken to collapse in tears of complete surrender. Jesus always comes and helps us and guides us through our heartbreak, one tear at a time!

Lyrics by Carolana Callaway
Music by PJ Steelman

Verse 1
Molly’s such a sweet girl, about to turn sixteen,
Full-time job afterschool, so a party’s just a dream.
Honor roll student, but now school have to wait
Just one night of love and a baby’s on the way.

In the midnight hour of her heart’s nightmare,
Jesus whispers in her ear.
These same hands that made you,
Will get you through this too.

I'm holding a bottle to catch your every tear
Cause that’s how much I care,
When you've got pain,
Pain beyond your prayers.

Verse 2
Diapers changes; baseball games; and his first prom date,
Molly learned to love that red haired boy named Jake
He dreamed being a soldier, he feels the army calling his name
Roasting July sky; she cried; as the bus drove him away.


Verse 3
She worries every day about that war there in the sand.
Why Jake had to go, she just can’t understand.
Then grim-face soldiers at the door, bring her the dreaded news.
Hugs his tear stained flag and can't believe it's really true!

Chorus (Repeat last line with fade)

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