God is Everywhere


Children need every family member to tell them about God.

I was always the kid who misbehaved in church. I could always look forward to my Sunday punishment for making noise in the church services. But the truth was I just didn’t understand all the church words the preacher seemed to just stream out of his mouth. I was so confused! If God is everywhere, then where is everywhere?

One day my grandmother sensed my confusion. She pulled be aside and explained that God was everywhere that I could see. All I had to do was ask and I would see Him.  Even when I am bad, I can ask and He will come to help me do better. He was everywhere!

Over the years I have lived in fourteen countries spanning four different continents.  Guess what. Granny was right! God is Everywhere.

Lyrics by Carolana Callaway
Music by Mark Cawley

Verse 1
Young Johnny squirms on a back row pew,
Ain’t no prank that ‘lil devil won’t do.
Words screamed out by the preacher man,
Johnny's tender mind don't understand.
Preacher yells, "God is everywhere!"
Johnny shouts, "Where is everywhere?"

Verse 2
Granny glares hard from up in the choir,
Lips tucked tight with her eyes on fire.
Old Granny's gettin' weak and kind of frail,
But she can still jerk a knot in Johnny's tail.
Granny scolds, "God is everywhere!"
Johnny cries, "Where is everywhere?"

God is everywhere, (right here, right now).
God is everywhere, (right here, right now).
He's in every word we say,
When we bow our heads and pray. 
God is everywhere, (right here, right now).
God is everywhere, (right here, right now).

Tag A
Just as long as you believe,
God is everywhere!

Verse 3
Years have passed sense Granny’s church-step speech.
Her gravesite’s loved by the people she reached.
Johnny goes by on graduation day,
Needs her words to help him find his way.
Tombstone reads, “God is everywhere.”
He begs to know, “Where is everywhere?”

Repeat Chorus with Tag A

Verse 4
Preacher Johnny wipes up the back row pew,
For his little church ain’t a thing he won’t do.
He feeds the poor and cares for the old,
Town folks say he’s gotta heart of gold.

Tag B
Johnny knows, “Where is everywhere?”
For he’s found, “God is everywhere!”