Wild Seeds


This song was the first song I began, after the move to my secluded cabin. It was a type of freedom song.

One day a wise lady gave me a bottle of wild seeds. She told me to save the wild seeds to be planted wherever my heart found freedom—its home. No matter where my heart wondered, she said, it would find a home where my wild seeds would be safe. She told me to gather wild seeds all along my life trails, because my wild seeds hold those special dreams that only I can dream, and those dreams are what make me unique.

Now in my fifties, I realize that my wild seeds are what make my life interesting. Without a few lived dreams here and there, my life can be come very boring and routine.

To live our lives to their fullest, we have to take care of our dreams that live inside our—Wild Seeds.

Lyrics by Carolana Callaway
Music by Bob Britt

Verse 1
Walkin’ down the road from the field to her home,
Sally claimed a tiny world all her own.
Hand full of seeds, pick ‘em on a trail,
Slip ‘em in her pocket as the daylight failed.
Half-passed moonlight, and away she’d go,
Down to the place where the wild seeds grow.

Verse 2
A young-girl sittin’ at The Ole Town Bar,
Cowboy singin’ like a Nashville star.
Fell hard, fell fast n’ ‘fore too long,
Two souls melted into one love song.
Half-passed moonlight, and away they’d go,
Down to the place where their wild seeds grow.

Wild seeds
Strong as they have to be
Beauty in a wild country
Even if nobody sees
Every little seeds a dream

Wild seeds
'Little tougher than the rest
Have to be to be the best
Growing straight and tall and true
Oh what a little wild seed can do

Verse 3
Combustible love goes up in flames,
The baby starts kickin’ Sally feels no shame.
Simple, white dress, she’s a good man’s wife,
Sweet, little family for the rest of her life.
Half-passed moonlight, and away she’d go,
Down to place where her wild seeds grow.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Was just seventeen when Grandma Sally died,
She left me a card, with a note inside.
‘Said be strong and brave, keep your heart true,
'Cause your the only one God made like you.
In the garden of life gonna find 'ya some weeds,
Save a little room for your own wild seeds.

Repeat Chorus