Blessed by the Master's Hands


This was my very first completed song. And like a first-born child, it will always be special to me.

In 2007,, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that would leave my white blood count in a constant struggle to survive. Not having enough white blood cells made it difficult to even breath correctly. Each tiny cell was so mighty to the well being of my health. Although each cell was so tiny it couldn’t be seen to the naked eye, I knew it had the power to save my life.

The same is true when we give God permission to use our tiny efforts. He makes our tiny efforts to become mighty actions when we are “Blessed by the Master’s Hands.”

Lyrics by Carolana Callaway
Music by Gary McEwen

Story Verse
Jesus told His disciples to feed the multitudes.
They cried, "Lord, we can't do it," with their doubting attitudes.
A young boy placed his fish and loaves of bread,
Into the hands of Jesus and the multitudes were fed.

Tiny can be mighty,
When blessed by the Master's hands.
All things are multiplied,
From His hands we are supplied.
Little really matters, though we can't understand.
Tiny can be mighty,
When blessed by the Master's hands.

Application Verse
When the Lord whispers in your heart, "Here’s a job for you to do."
You may feel doubts and fears in what He's calling you.
You can place all your ability,
Into the hands of Jesus and surely you will see.

Repeat Chorus 

When you plead, "Lord, I'm not able!”
Trust His hands to hold you stable.

Repeat Chorus 

Echo Tag
Tiny can be mighty, When blessed by the Master’s hands.