Saving the Singer’s Inside Stuff


Two weeks ago I checked into Nashville Southern Hills Medical Center for the removal of approximately a dozen tumors in my large intestines. Each tumor was about the size of a golf-ball in diameter. My surgeon had many concerns about the damage the swelling from my diseased intestines could have caused to my diaphragm, etc. Knowing that I am a singer/songwriting, he assured me that everything possible would be done to save my “singer’s inside stuff.”
Unfortunately, when he opened my abdominal wall, he also discovered that my Gall Bladder also had tumors in it, and was nearly gangrenous! It had already started to seep toxic fluids into the already incurable large intestines, as well as the abdominal wall! It took nearly a six-hour operation to remove all the toxics and diseased tissue from my abdomen.  My abdominal region was damaged far worse than we had originally thought it to be.
But here’s God’s beauty in all this damage! Once all the disease tissue was removed and the diaphragm (the main singer’s inside stuff) could be seen more clearly, my doctor said it was smooth and pink: “Like a baby’s behind!! It was as if someone had gone inside and wrapped my “singer’s inside stuff” in a protective layer before any of the intestines became disease.” I know that someone had done just that—My God!