Songwriting: Even During a Multiple Sclerosis Crisis


Like most artistic types, I am so creative that my own creativity can be my greatest distraction. During a resent Multiple Sclerosis relapse, I saw what God could do to remove my distractions. 

Just when I was learning where to park on Music Row in Nashville, painful nodules began growing on my arm’s nerves and muscles. The surgeon went in after “only a couple of the bad ones.” However, I awoke in recovery with both arms completely wrapped! The surgeon had found seven nodules, two of which had cluster (multiple) heads. 

Such an extensive surgery caused a severe relapse in my Multiple Sclerosis, making my brain too week to send clear signals to my heart and lungs to work correctly; kind of like sending a text message with words missing. My blood-oxygen ratio level goes as low as 60% (normal is 95-100%). The only way I can jump-start my tired brain is to provide it with auxiliary oxygen.

While lying with my oxygen mask, I finally am too weak to chase after my self-made distractions. On those days, I know that the little energy I have must be spent on my songwriting. Often I literally have to depend on God to move my pen across the page. My words are clearer because I know I only have the energy to write what is authentically coming from my heart. It is the best writing of my career.

I am learning to write flat on my back — looking up into HIS FACE!

Do you have distractions, of your own making, that block your best writing? How have you removed those distractions? How do you recognize a distraction? Please share with all of us!