Melody Writing: When God Sends His Joy in My Mournings

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Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about how God had sent the perfect guitar into my life. What joy I felt! But my joy was short-lived, last week my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) caused my left hand to freeze around the neck of my guitar. The MS was causing dreaded muscle spasticity in my left hand. I cried with panic at the thought of not being able to play the guitar. I grieved that loss.

I knew I had to move on with the co-writing of the song, “Pain Beyond My Prayers.”

He called, and suggested that we try the melody on the piano. He said, “This song just needs a smooth piano sound. Just something I am hearing with it. But I am not real great on the keyboard. Can you do it?”

I sat down at my piano, frozen with fear, and tried to remember all the technical stuff to playing the piano. Then, one finger at a time, I played the notes that my heart was feeling --D minor-- the notes of sorrow and sadness — the sound of mourning a loss.  I can't tell you exactly how it happened, but the melody was written in less than an hour!!   

My robust, six-foot co-writer stood in tears at the sound of notes. He said, "This song just needed you to pour out your pain on the piano! That is something that only your heart could understand how to write!"

While my left hand lay asleep in my lap. But my right hand worked away - one note at a time. Even though I am left-handed!

Then I realized, God just needed one of my hands to do this particular job. He is faithful to give us exactly what we need - like manna from heaven - He gives us no more nor no less than what we need to get His job done. Anything extra just weighs our hearts down. We can only fly with Him, when we have just what we need!

Have you had times when you had too much weighing your heart down to do a song with a free, light heart?  What did you have to release to get your song done?

Photo Credit: Google Images