Lyrical Sizing: Tiny is Mighty


One of my pride and joys is my reclaimed Mercedes. Even though I bought it very used, I will still park over in the next county to avoid a scratch or ding. Heaven forbid that my baby should get dinged.

Then it happened! While in the drugstore, someone had hooked and torn the left bumper-clip off my baby. Probably the smallest part on my car—the tiny bumper-clip—was broken and failed to hold the entire bumper in place. But when the drugstore bumper grabber damaged it, it suddenly became the most important part on the car!

Writing song lyrics can be that way, too.


Recently, I labored over changing one word in the chorus of the song “God is Everywhere.” That one word was the smallest word of the whole lyric and took me days to write. And just like the tiny bumper-clip on my Mercedes, that one tiny word could make or break the impact of the whole chorus! 

Am I the only one this happens to? Are there others of you? Tell me the smallest word you have obsessed over for days.

Photo Credits: Mercedes - mine, Crashed Bumper -